Ignorance is no excuse – Fleet Matters 10

25th July 2018

“What do you mean, I’m in an Ultra Low Emission zone?”

“Why did I just get fined for parking at work?”

“This isn’t a toll-road. What, all roads are now toll roads??”

These and many similar questions face your drivers in the not-too-distant future, if they don’t stay aware of new legislation. “Ignorance of the law” is no excuse; you need to ensure your drivers don’t accidentally run into it.

The problem is that many of these proposed legal changes aren’t in the fleet news headlines. They tend to get buried in the smaller articles. Which is precisely why Fleet Matters was set-up: to find the news stories you need to know, but many have missed – either because you’re too busy, or because they were too well-hidden.

In our latest issue, we’ve taken a look at four new laws that could be costly to miss, which could affect your drivers.

Read about them now in Fleet Matters 10. It could save you money in the future, not to mention a run-in with the law.

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