IAM reveals common driver distractions

Written by Ellie

A series of short films have been created by IAM RoadSmart that aim to highlight the common causes of distraction for motorists and the dangers they pose.

Starring former Formula 1 test driver Darren Turner, the new videos focus on the issues of children, mobile phones and pets – the three most common driver distractions – and what road users should be doing to avoid these concerns.

According to figures released by the Department for Transport, almost 3,000 accidents were recorded across the UK last year in which distraction was cited as being a significant contributing factor. It is therefore a problem that thousands of travellers face every day when taking to the roads.

Now available on the IAM RoadSmart website, each of the videos covers in turn these common distractions. In the videos, Darren attempts to drive an Aston Martin racing simulator around a virtual circuit while contending with a barking dog, ringing mobile phone and noisy five-year-old child.

After completing the session, he said: "A professional racing driver is expected to maintain full concentration all the time while at the wheel – but I was surprised at how easy it was take your eye of the ball for a second and end up clouting the barrier in the simulator.

"Translate that to the real road, and the consequences could be far more serious."

Many drivers underestimate the impact of distraction on their ability to drive safely, but these videos show it really is essential for motorists to have their wits about them at all times.

Posted on 31st August 2016

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