IAM offers greener driving advice

14th September 2016

IAM offers greener driving advice (image credit: iStock/ipopba)

Motorists up and down the country should take heed of some top tips on fuel economy that have been offered by UK motoring organisation IAM RoadSmart.

The body has highlighted the importance of driving in a manner that is both kind to the environment and friendly on people's wallets, with green driving practices serving to lower emissions and cut costs for road users.

As such, some of the top tips offered by the IAM include:

  • Making sure vehicles are regularly serviced.
  • Using the right engine oil (check the vehicle's handbook for details).
  • Avoiding unnecessary loading to reduce weight.
  • Regularly monitoring tyre pressures.
  • Reversing into parking spaces to ensure maneuvering with a cold engine is kept to a minimum, as this can reduce fuel efficiency.

IAM RoadSmart head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman stated: "The key to green driving is to take a gentle approach when braking and accelerating, combined with looking as far ahead as possible to plan a smooth path through traffic. There isn't any point in rushing to the next traffic light just to have to wait.

"These are just the sort of skills that advanced drivers take for granted, but can make a big difference to your wallet and to air quality around you."