IAM: Make sure cars are ready for spring

Written by Ellie

Vehicle operators up and down the UK need to be prepared to face the rigours of spring and that means getting cars cleaned out and properly maintained in preparation for when the warmer weather comes.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has published a range of helpful tips that all road users should take heed of in the coming months, with the body keen to ensure that all motorists are spring-ready in the near future.

Top tips from the IAM include:

  • Carry out a full spring clean to de-clutter and remove excess weight.
  • Give the car a thorough wash to remove any grime or road salt that may have built up during the less hospitable winter months.
  • Switch out winter tyres to traditional, all-year tyres.
  • Ensure wiper blades are in full working order and free from any excessive wear and tear.
  • Check ventilation and air conditioning settings to prepare for the ramp up in pollen count that will be seen in the months ahead.

Moreover, IAM standards and compliance manager Richard Gladman commented: "It's easy to overlook when the temperatures aren't in the high 20s, but make sure you keep a pair of sunglasses with you too – the sun tends to be very low at this time of year and these will come in handy when dealing with glare in the early morning and evening.

"In this light, dirt and grime on the windscreen and mirrors can be even more distracting – keep them clean throughout."

Posted on 30th March 2016

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