How many fuel card companies actively promote spending less on fuel? We do…

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:15th February 2022

Do you believe a vehicle tracking or fleet management solution is not affordable or even applicable to your organisation?

Regardless of the size of your fleet installing a vehicle tracking or fleet management solution will benefit your business, but here at Fuel Card Services we go one step further with our fuel management solution…

As fuel card providers we integrate your fuel card data directly into our vehicle tracking solution, Tele-Gence, giving you valuable fuel information within one solution other providers just can’t supply. It’s the integration of these two services that result in efficient fuel management and reduced fuel and fleet bills.

Tele-Gence not only lets you enjoy all the benefits of tracking your vehicles but it will significantly lower your fuel expense while tackling fuel fraud and driver behaviour. This value added Fuel Card Services product is event driven, intuitive, easy to use and provides you with the business tools you require to run a successful organisation.

Benefits include:-

  • Spot and alert fuel fraud – A simple alert and view of where refuelling has taken place against vehicle location helping tackle, reduce and eventually eliminate fuel fraud.
  • A reduction in fuel costs – Efficient route planning and better driver behaviour, helping to optimise fuel consumption while taking control of excessive breaking, cornering, speeding, idling and much more.
  • Geo-Fences or Zones – Simple alerts when vehicles have entered high pump price locations, giving you better control and helping reduce fuel costs.
  • Monitoring of fuel usage – Including fuel and mileage abuse alerts when vehicles are left running and burning unnecessary fuel.
  • Accurate and improved MPG reporting – Allowing you to effortlessly pinpoint any inefficiencies and to quickly and easily identify drivers who require additional driver training helping you to maximise your MPG.

How many fuel card companies do you know that activity promote spending less on fuel?

Embrace Tele-Gence today and enjoy reduced miles driven by an average of 5-miles per day whilst also improving fuel efficiency by up to 20% and a return on investment typically within 3 workdays of each month.

There is little dispute that vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions benefit even the smallest of fleets but with the integration of fuel card data our fuel management solution offers a more powerful fleet management tool.