How do you administrate and keep track of your drivers, vehicles and costs?

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:15th February 2022

Are you sometimes deterred from embracing a vehicle tracking solution due to data overload?

With Tele-Gence you’re able to customise and drill down into collected data to create specific alerts related to the management of your fleet and drivers, putting you in control and helping you save time and money.

Geo-fences or zones are easily created and edited around specific locations, such as fuel stations, alerting you when these zones are entered. This unique tool allows you to not only receive alerts but to send alerts too. For example: if you are alerted to a driver entering a fuel station that has a high pump price you have the power to alert and notify that driver keeping you in control while saving costs on a fuel.

Zones can be used when drivers have entered specific areas, such as work sites or even fast food establishments, giving you an insight into your fleet’s movements and behaviours, allowing you to improve productivity and save costs.

You will benefit from better vehicle management as Tele-Gence cuts the need for manual time sheets making the administration of your vehicles and drivers more accurate, increasing productivity while saving you time.

The detailed alerts generated by Tele-Gence are specific to your needs and allow you to manage by exception, focusing and identifying areas of your business that require attention and enabling you to make better business decisions.

Benefits include:-

  • A flexible user defined alert builder – Define your own vehicle alerts based on chosen parameters and decide how you wish to receive them, saving you time and giving you a better fleet insight.
  • Customisable platform – Full data analytics available at your fingertips. Tele-Gence is designed to support your exact requirements and offers a bespoke solution within one dashboard making the management of your fleet simple and easy.
  • Tracks vehicles in real time – Unique to our tracking solution, vehicles are tracked in real time giving you immediate alerts and better control.
  • User defined login – Each user has their own dashboard, alerts and reports specific to their login helping benefit from a clearer insight specific to individuals, saving on administration time.
  • Geo-fencing – Multi-shaped allowing you to pin-point, alert, report and manage your fleet easily.
  • Definitive fuel, vehicle and driver reporting – Reports collated from your defined alerts on drivers and vehicles, providing you with the tools to make better business decisions and saving you money.

This one-stop shop, for the management of your vehicles, is an essential business tool as it improves your business without the hassle of searching through masses of telemetry data.

There is little dispute that vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions benefit even the smallest of fleets but with the integration of fuel card data our fuel management solution offers a more powerful fleet management tool.