Highways England helping to protect Yorkshire heritage

28th August 2019

Yorkshire Heritage

The heritage of the UK’s transport network should not be overlooked by busy travellers, so a recent project by Highways England is to be applauded.

Six highway markers have been refurbished to show off the rich history of roads in South and North Yorkshire.

Bringing lost heritage back to life

The project saw the renovation of two milestones on the A616 at Midhopstones in South Yorkshire and four on the A64 near Scampston Hall and East Heslerton in North Yorkshire.

Highways England project manager Chris Dunn said: “Milestones were the sat navs of their day and they are recognised for their historical significance, so it is important that we preserve them for the future.

“We were able to restore these six milestones by repainting them to reduce rust so they won’t deteriorate further.”

He added that the project team also cleared excess vegetation around the markers, so they can be more easily spotted and appreciated by road users.

The 19th century saw the erection of milestones along roads up and down the country. However, the widening of many roads in the 20th century saw many removed or replaced.

Today, around 1,300 are believed to be still in situ, with this project made possible through Highways England’s £300 million environmental fund.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Bringing these original markers back to public prominence will be a welcome sight for travellers and is a reminder of the rich history of the nation’s highways.”