Hauliers investing in CCTV monitoring systems

Written by Ellie

More and more logistics operators and haulage firms are investing in CCTV monitoring and surveillance technology.

The Shield Group revealed that since the migrant crisis in Calais began, the number of orders for these systems has gone up by about 400 per cent.

This means they can alert security staff if any migrant from a developing nation boards a lorry in an effort to reach the UK illegally.

The information gathered can then be passed to the police so the intruders can be prosecuted.

Peter Aaronson, managing director of The Shield Group's technical services division, commented: "The situation in Calais is a desperate one and it is unfair that hauliers in particular have been caught up in the crisis. 

"Our total security solutions model is proving extremely popular with companies who are wishing to secure both their goods and staff and, ultimately, their reputation during this time."

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has already urged firms that operate between the UK and mainland Europe to seek accreditation with the UK Border Force.

This can be secured if they demonstrate they are following its code of practice on preventing illegal migrants from getting into Britain.

If haulage firms can show they are taking all the required steps, they will not be fined if clandestines are found in a vehicle.

Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA, described the broader issue of migrants as a "complete nightmare" for hauliers.

He has urged the French government to do all it can to make sure migrants are separated from lorries in and around Calais, such as deploy the military in the area.

Mr Burnett also called on the British government to "support that more strongly" in its dealings with the French administration. 

"We need urgent action to protect drivers, their vehicles and their loads when moving through the Calais area and we are simply not getting that," he stated.


Posted on 11th August 2015

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