Hauliers ‘should be aware of Dart Charge changes’

Written by Ellie

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is encouraging UK haulage providers to ensure their drivers are fully briefed on the latest systems to have come online as part of the new Dart Charge scheme.

Introduced in November last year, Dart Charge is a new fully-automated system that has been designed to streamline traffic flows for users of the busy Dartford-Thurrock Crossing through the removal of toll booths and the introduction of new vehicle recognition technology to track charges for travellers.

As part of ongoing improvements for the Dart Charge network, a new traffic safety system to identify oversized vehicles and those carrying hazardous good has now been introduced, with new traffic lights and barriers being in place to stop these vehicles from getting into the wrong lane when traversing.

FTA head of policy for London Natalie Chapman commented: "The new road layout could lead to confusion and drivers who fail to follow the signs face penalties, so we are encouraging our members to updates their staff on the new regulations.

"The new free-flow system at the tunnel is already showing benefits – queueing to pay at the booths was the major cause of congestion at the crossing so anything that eases the problem is welcome."

However, Ms Chapman added that with levels of congestion at the crossing expected to rise to pre-Dart Charge levels by as soon as 2020, it is essential that a final decision on a new Lower Thames crossing be announced by the government as soon as possible.


Posted on 15th June 2015

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