Grey fleets… are they worth the hassle?

3rd August 2019

Grey Fleets

For many businesses, “grey” fleets can seem appealing. Sure, they can save a lot of the time and bring down the cost of vehicle hire or purchase. But as any grey fleet manager knows, things are never as simple as they sound.

More often than not, grey fleets prove a much more time-consuming and costly option than you might initially imagine.

One of the biggest issues is control. That aspect is suddenly up to the employees, although you’ll ultimate remain responsible for it. Do you know many miles are they’re really clocking up? Are they properly insured? Is their vehicle properly serviced and maintained, or is it a liability about to fail?

How can you be sure, what can you do? Take a look at the latest issue of Fleet Matters. We’ve five tips and two essential actions that will answer your questions.