Going for Bronze with FORS

6th July 2016

Going for Bronze with FORS

Fleet managers hoping to achieve increased recognition for their commitment to transport operations best practice should consider becoming accredited under the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

Three workshops to highlight the benefits of achieving Bronze FORS status have been organised and will be presented by the Fuel Card Service‘s very own Rachel Pearson. These will take place on:

  • 5th July, Bristol
  • 7th July, Manchester
  • 28th July, Corby

To find out about any of our sessions please contact Rachel Pearson (rpearson@fuelcardservices.com).

The session will touch on all areas of FORS, including an overview of the standards that operators are expected to adhere to at all times, as well as offering key insight into how companies can achieve these standards.

Examples of non-conformity will be offered to all attendees, ensuring transport operators are better able to avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to non-compliance and issues for transport management in the long run.

It will help fleet operators through the process of developing effective transport policies in line with FORS standards and also give expert guidance on the creation of written documentation to back this up.

Open to all fleet operators that are either preparing for their first assessment under the FORS guidelines, or to those addressing issues raised in a previous one, the workshop promises to be a useful tool in the arsenal of improving standards for fleet operators across the UK.