Gig economy drivers need to be meet better fleet standards

Written by Ellie

Drivers for companies like Uber and Deliveroo should be brought into line with mainstream fleet standards, according to fleet management specialists FleetCheck.

The Wiltshire-based firm believes that as these gig economy vehicles are driven by owner-operators, they are another element of grey fleet management and should be treated in exactly the same way.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, reckons that the lack of strict regulation creates risks.

“I dare say we have all had a parcel or hot food delivered to our home or office, looked at the vehicle that was being used, and strongly suspected that it would not meet even the most basic fleet standards,” he commented.

“More often than not, you discover they started early and will be driving to late in the evening.”

Mr Golding goes on to say that legally, these are grey fleet vehicles and as such, should be subject to normal grey fleet safety principles from maintenance and driver competence to non-legislative corporate principles, such as environmental considerations.

He also expressed concerns over the wildly varying standards applied by companies operating in the gig economy.

“Some businesses seem to take their responsibilities seriously and apply the kind of measures that would be seen in any other fleet operation, but others almost appear to have no managerial control at all, if the condition of the vehicles is used as a guide,” the FleetCheck boss added.

In light of recent employment rulings that have viewed major gig economy platforms as employers rather than technology companies, Mr Golding hoped fleet operations would soon follow suit and become more professional.

He went on: “There are likely to be quite a lot of vehicles on the road that are potentially poorly maintained, badly driven, grossly polluting and perhaps even outright dangerous. This is clearly wrong.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Mr Golding makes a solid argument and we expect it won’t be too long before gig economy drivers have to be held to more professional fleet standards.”

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Posted on 1st November 2018

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