Get up to speed with Fleet Matters 12

25th July 2019

Fleet Matters Issue 12

Commercial vehicle news drives in the fast lane, and there’s a long tail-back. Fortunately, the latest  Fleet Matters 12 is here, driving up the slip-lane of all those news stories to see what’s happened. And letting fleet managers know so they can stay in front.


Fleet Matters scours all the fleet-related stories you haven’t time to read and the mainstream media may have missed. It then distils all this information down into a handy format filled with links to source material, that time-poor manager can scan quickly – and action easily.


Each issue of Fleet Matters contains the most important stories you need to know about, right now. With five key topics in each edition, for free, Fleet Matters is the best way to keep up.


In edition 12, you’ll discover how your drivers’ behaviour is being filmed, how this has led to thousands of prosecutions across the UK, and what you can do to mitigate the risks.


Managing “grey” fleets can become confusing, despite their appeal. In Fleet Matters 12 you’ll get five top tips for managing all the “grey” vehicles in your fleet more cost-effectively.


The Committee on Climate Change has proposed to bring the diesel-and-petrol ban forward to 2030. Fleet Matters 12 weighs the options if this really will happen. Discover if hybrid vans are finally worth buying into. And you’ll uncover the punishing effects of Brexit and how to prepare for more uncertainty – and a possible departure from the EU – that’s yet to come.