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Written by Ellie

We live in the age of analytics. Yet all too often, we’re busy analysing potential customers or competitors, to take any time to analyse our own business. Often making transformational business decisions based on ‘gut instinct’ rather than evidence to accurate forecast. If you are growing your business, My Business Advantage offers a free business audit.

Patnering with Experian, they offer a Business Data Hygiene & Enhancement Report which will provide you with unique insights into your business data. The report gives you the ability to cleanse, enrich and develop an understanding of the characteristics of your business customers.

We know just how important strong customer relationships are to your business. Clean, accurate address data not only ensures you reach the right people, but can also eliminate the duplication that damages your reputation and ultimately wastes your marketing budget. Experian has the best possible address data services – services that can help you build customer relationships that lead to increased sales.

As part of your advantage benefits you can receive an audit of your data (under strict NDA) with no charge. Not only will it highlight where you have missing, incomplete, or out of date records, it will also provide you with a full rundown of your database. It will show turnover, location, number of employees & sector – giving you a % breakdown for each category (eg: 13% are retailers, 21% have 5-10 employees, 12% have 50-100 employees).

And on top of that a friendly expert from Experian will be on hand to talk you through the results – so you really get the most from the benefit.

So, get to know your business with a free audit worth £300, from

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Posted on 22nd October 2018

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