GEM: Safer road sharing is essential

Written by Ellie

Motorists up and down the country should remember the importance of having their wits about them at all times and being vigilant when it comes to looking out for vulnerable road users.

This is the sentiment of vehicle recovery specialist GEM Motoring Assist, which has published a set of key guidelines to help drivers to stay safe when out on the roads and to better protect groups like cyclists and pedestrians.

In total, the organisation has set out five basic steps it believes can lead to safer roads for all:

  1. Remember that every traveller is simply trying to reach their destination in safety and bear this in mind at all times.
  2. Be alert and observant – especially at junctions – and demonstrate patience with other road users to help to ensure driving does not become a stressful task.
  3. Give cyclists and other vulnerable travellers plenty of space when overtaking – ideally as much space as one would give to another car.
  4. Remember that cyclists are entitled to the full width of the lane they are riding in – not just the far-left section. Indeed, riders must have the room to avoid hazards in the road.
  5. Do not get upset if you see a rider carrying out a risky or illegal maneouvre. It is not your job to police the roads.

GEM chief executive David Williams concluded: "By taking these actions, and by committing to a courteous driving style at all times, we will play our part in making the roads safer – for ourselves and for cyclists, who are after all much more likely to be hurt in any collision."

He added that with the summer months now here, the number of cyclists on the nation's roads is likely to increase and it is therefore essential that all road users understand the importance of keeping one another safe.

Posted on 16th June 2015

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