GEM offers tyre safety reminder for motorists

Written by Ellie

Road safety and breakdown recovery specialist GEM Motoring Assist has offered a reminder to drivers across the country to ensure they are regularly checking their tyres for wear and tear.

The move comes as part of National Tyre Safety Month 2016 and the organisation believes more needs to be done to get the message across to motorists that tyre safety is one of the most important measures in preventing unnecessary accidents.

Moreover, with the colder, wetter months now approaching, there is never a more fitting time of year than the start of autumn to remind drivers of this essential fact.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth commented: "Tyre treads are designed to give the best possible grip on wet roads. However, levels of grip generally decrease as a tyre gets older and its tread patterns wear down or as the depth of water increases.

"We urge drivers to take this into consideration and reduce their speed accordingly in wet conditions."

Furthermore, vehicle operators must be aware of the law concerning sufficient tread depth, with the legal minimum being 1.6 mm and motorists facing severe sanctions should their car be inspected and it fail to meet this standard.

Motorists face fines of up to £2,500 and potentially three points on their licence for every tyre that fails to meet the legal requirement.

Posted on 4th October 2016

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