Future of Transport review could see new tech boost for UK travellers

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:9th February 2022

Long exposure image of traffic driving through a city at night

A review into transport legislation will aim to deliver cleaner, greener, smarter and more
flexible transport solutions for UK travellers in the coming years.

The Future of Transport review is being undertaken by the Department for Transport and
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

More efficient use of existing infrastructure

A consultation will now review existing UK transport law in relation to how small
amendments could be made to promote more efficient use of transport infrastructure and
services moving forward.

Announcing the scheme, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated: “We are on the cusp of a
transport revolution. Emerging technologies are ripping up the rulebook and changing the
way people and goods move forever.”

“Our groundbreaking Future of Transport programme marks the biggest review of transport
laws in a generation and will pave the way for exciting new transport technology to be tested,
cementing the UK’s position as a world-leading innovator.”

In addition, a £90 million fund has been allocated to support trials for new technologies that
could lead to decarbonisation of transport in many cities up down the country, including
Portsmouth, Southampton, Derby and Nottingham.

Looking to the future of UK transport

Secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy and COP26 president Alok
Sharma concluded: “This review could drive down transport emissions by making greener
ways to travel available to more people.”

Indeed, new opportunities to cut carbon output will be pursued in Southampton and
Portsmouth, where trials will be carried out to research the impact of helping motorists to
better plan their journeys through the use of mobile apps.

A series of ‘mobility hubs’ will also be developed in Derby and Nottingham that will aim to
promote an increased use of public transport among travellers with the creation of a new
website that will offer subsidised journeys and simplified payment methods for its users.

Finally, the West of England Combined Authority will pursue how new technologies could
help to bring together people, operators and authorities. It will aim to see how a combined
approach to booking journeys through multiple modes of transport could make lives easier
for travellers.

Jenny Smith, Product Manager for Tele-Gence, commented: “Tweaks to existing legislation
that could help to promote a cleaner, more efficient future for UK travellers could go a long
way towards helping to reduce the nations carbon footprint. The uptake of new innovations
in the way journeys are carried out should bring welcome benefits for all.”

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