Fuel Card Services donates £252k to protecting Peru’s rainforests

Written by Ellie

More than £252,000 has been donated to protecting Peruvian rainforests, as a result of a partnership between Fuel Card Services and Cool Earth.

Fuel Card Services – Britain’s leading agent of independent business fleet fuel cards – teamed up with Cool Earth – a charity that works with indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction – by launching The Green Journey in 2011.

The Green Journey is Fuel Card Services' approach to helping fleets to meet their sustainability commitments. Every time we issue a CO2Count Certificate, we make a donation to Cool Earth – Europe’s fastest-growing environmental charity.

The Green Journey service provides accurate reporting of a customer’s vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. For each business that signs up to The Green Journey, Fuel Card Services makes a donation to Cool Earth’s community-led deforestation projects, which is helping transform the future of villages in Peru’s Asháninka and Awajùn communities.

Matthew Owen, Cool Earth director, said: “With Fuel Card Services’ support, we’re able to increase our support for these villages guaranteeing the long-term security of their forest.”

As a result of Fuel Card Services’ involvement, close to a million trees spread over 4,127 acres have been saved so far, ‘locking in’ 1.07 million tonnes of CO2.

For an idea of scale, you’d need to drive to the moon and back 6,000 times to emit that much CO2, while the area of rainforest saved thanks to Fuel Card Services would cover London’s Hyde Park almost 12 times over.

Stephen Halsey, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: “Peruvian villages stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from their protection. Our partnership with Cool Earth has reaped more than quarter of a million pounds, empowering communities to become self-sufficient.”

Posted on 26th April 2017

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