FTA: London parking fines often challenged

Written by Ellie

Almost three-quarters of all parking charge notices (PCNs) issued to logistics operators in London are successfully challenged, new research from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has revealed.

According to a poll of FTA members that operate in the capital, 72 per cent of all PCNs were deemed non-enforceable when challenged – highlighting the considerable costs that can be saved when businesses keep a close eye on parking enforcement.

In total, data relating to 32,633 PCNs were assessed by the FTA as part of the study, which covered PCNs issued over a 12-month period and to 15 separate firms.

High streets were identified as being the most common areas for PCNs to be issued, but in many of these instances parking officials had not following the proper guidelines.

Overall, 33 per cent of PCNs were issued as a result of parking or loading where restrictions are in force, while 36 per cent were for parking on a red route or clearway.

Natalie Chapman, FTA head of policy for London, said: "Loading and unloading is an exemption to restricted street regulations – it's allowed on single or double yellow lines for a maximum of 40 minutes.

"Often PCNs are issued incorrectly because the enforcement officer needs more training and doesn’t realise what’s permitted."

She added that businesses that keep close track on PCNs and challenge these fines effectively can benefit from considerable savings, both in terms of not having to pay unnecessary fees and also in administration costs.


Posted on 9th June 2015

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