FTA: London cycle superhighways ‘too hasty’

Written by Ellie

Plans to develop new cycle superhighways across Greater London are being questioned by the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

It is not the implementation of these cycle-only routes that the body has an issue with – as there is a strong case both in terms of safety and the environment for the creation of these new thoroughfares – but it is the timeframe in which they are to be introduced that the FTA wishes to see re-examined.

FTA head of urban logistics Christopher Snelling is now calling on Transport for London to take into account the concerns of the UK freight sector, as the impact of developing this new framework of interconnected routes for cyclists could have an adverse impact on the ability of logistics providers to fulfil their responsibilities – an issue that could have far-reaching consequences for the capital’s economy.

“The information published on delay times still does not reflect how industry and private motorists actually use these roads. And yet the first roadworks to build these superhighways will start in just a few weeks’ time,” he commented.

“By this April we will see works underway on all the proposed routes, affecting some key routes into the centre of London. It seems that the target pushing this is the aim to finish the routes by May 2016 – when the mayor [Boris Johnson] leaves office.”

Mr Snelling concluded that further research is now needed into the long-term impact of these cycle superhighways and construction to begin their rollout should not get underway until this essential work is completed and its results fully understood.

Posted on 29th January 2015

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