FTA highlights Calais blockade costs

Written by Ellie

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has sent a delegation of officials to meet with the organisers of blockade actions at the French port of Calais.

EU affairs manager at the FTA Chris Yarsley has met with David Sangard, president of Calais-based Carpentier Transport & Logistique, the group behind today's (September 5th) demonstrations in Calais that have blocked access to the Channel Tunnel.

He stated: "We made Mr Sangard aware of the impact of the blockade on both sides of the Channel and the problems it will cause FTA members with scheduling and deliveries.

"FTA doesn't support this kind of direct action because of the effect it has on members' businesses and the huge costs involved."

Mr Yarsley added that he sympathises with the plight of the local community in Calais, as the levels of violence that have been witnessed in months gone by have been wholly unacceptable.

However, he argued that addressing the problem through disruption to the use of the tunnel is not an acceptable means of protest, as it causes millions of pounds in lost revenues for businesses on both sides of the Channel.

Indeed, Mr Yarsley stated that during the disruption to cross-Channel services last summer, FTA members were losing a combined £750,000 per day – a situation that operators in both the UK and France would struggle to recover from should it happen again.

Posted on 5th September 2016

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