FTA: Extra east London river crossings are essential

4th December 2015

FTA: Extra east London river crossings are essential

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has backed calls for the creation of an increased number of Thames River crossings in east London.

Responding to the launch of a new public consultation into potential crossings at Gallions Reach and Belvedere by Transport for London, the FTA hopes that public support for the proposals will help to push forward these plans in the coming months.

FTA head of policy for London Natalie Chapman commented: "Cross-river road connectivity in east London is extremely poor in comparison to west London. The area is one of major growth in the capital for new housing and jobs. But to ensure its success, it needs the infrastructure to underpin it."

It is therefore essential that additional crossings come online in the near future, especially given the volume of heavy goods that need to be transported into this busy part of the English capital.

Ms Chapman concluded that the Blackwall Tunnel is presently a "key pinch point" in London's transport infrastructure and it is therefore imperative that future works aim to reduce traffic flows in this area by offering alternative routes into east London.

As a result, the FTA has also backed proposals for a new tunnel at Silvertown that could help to eliminate a significant bottleneck that has built up in recent years.

The delivery of more Thames crossings – be they above or underground – is therefore a top aim of the FTA at present, as the current stop-start nature of traffic in many parts of London serves to dramatically reduce transport fuel efficiency, as well as causing serious delays for many hauliers.