FTA: Cycle plans must not impact deliveries

5th September 2014

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed plans for the creation of a new widespread network for cyclists in London, but has warned the scheme must not limit the ability of logistics providers to carry out their deliveries.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has outlined plans for a new 18-mile 'Crossrail for the bike', which will create a number of cyclist-only areas across the capital, but could have the result of cutting off some residential areas from larger vehicle access.

In response, the FTA's head of policy for London Natalie Chapman said: "FTA supports the development of new cyclist infrastructure which is targeted on improving safety for cyclists and believes it can provide real benefits. But cyclists are only one user of the road and the needs of all must be considered."

She added that it is not just traditional retail and shopping areas that need to have excellent access to freight services in the capital, as the growing number of home deliveries being carried out by couriers and other logistics providers means residential areas must not be cut off from such services if a new cyclist-only scheme is brought into practice.

Ms Chapman argued full segregation in these areas could in fact be counterproductive to delivering a long-term economic improvement for Greater London and therefore a partial segregation may be more preferable, with the use of 'armadillos' or giant cats eyes to differentiate between lanes of traffic.

"It is important that these schemes are carried out in such a way that they do not unduly disrupt traffic flow or prevent kerbside access for deliveries to businesses and homes," she concluded.