Free recoveries revealed for M62

3rd June 2015

Free recoveries revealed for M62

Highways England has published new statistics highlighting the many thousands of motorists that have benefited from free recovery services during the ongoing rollout of the new Greater Manchester smart motorways scheme.

Covering a 17-mile stretch of the M62 near Rochdale, the £208 million project began ten months ago and is scheduled for completion by autumn 2017; the motorway is also currently subject to a temporary 50 mph speed limit and drivers are being monitored by a short-term CCTV control centre.

More than 3,500 motorists travelling on this busy section of the north-west transport network have made use of free recovery services being offered by Highways England after they have broken down, with these vehicles identified by the route's new cameras.

The organisation revealed that more than half of all incidents (1,875) were as a result of mechanical or electrical faults with a vehicle. Meanwhile, one-fifth were due to punctures and just over one-in-ten were as a result of an accident on the carriageway.

Of the remainder, there were 281 incidents of travellers running out of fuel, 22 cases where drivers had filled up with the wrong type of fuel, 18 where cars were simply abandoned and nine in-vehicle fires.

Paul Hampson, project manager at Highways England, said: "Tens of thousands of vehicles travel on the section of motorway between Sale and Rochdale every day so it's vital we keep it moving while the work to upgrade it takes place.

"We've set up a temporary CCTV control room to monitor the motorway around the clock so that we can help people who break down as quickly as possible and keep the motorway moving."