FORS’ driver fitness workshop sponsored by Fuel Card Services

Rachel Pearson - Fuel Card Services major account manager and FORS practitioner

Fuel Card Services has been announced as the headline sponsor for the upcoming workshop organised by Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme  ( FORS ).

This important  workshop is titled ‘Managing Driver Fitness and Impairment’, this important event will focus on what affects a driver’s concentration and what can be done to raise their awareness.

It will also aim to assess how fleet bosses can identify which of their drivers are affected, decide the minimum legal requirements for driver fitness and awareness and how can we go beyond these basic necessities.

The FORS’ driver fitness workshop is expected to outline what steps should be taken by businesses and whether fleet decision makers can mitigate the risks.

Biggest cause of collisions

Research has found that drivers losing attention is the single biggest cause of road collisions, well ahead of drunk driving and speeding.

A statement from FORS read: “Come along and learn how a driver’s fitness and impairment can increase the risk of collisions and how this affects our responsibilities as fleet operators. Delegates will benefit from the opportunity to share best practice with other FORS accredited companies.”

The free event will take place at AECOM in Croydon on Wednesday 19th September 2018 between 09:00 and 12:45.

However, if you haven’t secured your place yet, you may have to miss out because all tickets have been claimed. Visit for more details.

The workshop has been sponsored by Fuel Card Services (FCS) for the past two years.

FCS major account manager and FORS practitioner Rachel Pearson will be on hand throughout the event to outline how telematics can help organisations tell if a driver’s fitness and awareness are not up to standard.

She commented: “I am super-excited for this latest FORS workshop. I will be making a presentation about FCS and all the exciting new products we have to a group of transport professionals and partaking in the workshop.”

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