FORS delivers robust compliance message

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:13th February 2023

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, will reinforce its compliance credentials – a keystone of the FORS Standard – at the annual IRTE Conference in Warwickshire, 28 September.

FORS Director, John Hix, will report on the increasing geographical reach of FORS across the UK, and overseas, and the operating community’s acceptance of FORS as a single, all-encompassing accreditation scheme. John Hix will also take the opportunity to reaffirm the scheme’s robust response to any member found to be in breach of the FORS Standard. 

While legal compliance among operators remains a baseline requirement for FORS Bronze membership, FORS is urging its members – and the wider transport sector – to strive for far greater levels of best practice on the road and throughout their operations. FORS, which now boasts nearly 5,000 members, has introduced a ‘compliance and enforcement’ guide to assist members.

“Of course, a minimum legal requirement is essential in our industry,” said John Hix, “but FORS is delivering much more than that. With safety at the heart of our endeavours, FORS is committed to providing expert training and guidance to help operators attain the highest levels of best practice – encompassing safety, of course, but also efficiency and environmental protection,” he said.

The new ‘compliance and enforcement’ guide from FORS describes, in detail, a range of non-compliance issues and how FORS will respond to them, including O-Licence curtailments. Furthermore, the guide shows precisely the outcome for any member found not to meeting its obligations under the FORS Standard.

“We have a duty of care to our members, the wider transport industry and the public at large,” said John Hix, “and, while we recognise and applaud the great commitment members make towards achieving best practice, we have to be tough on the few operators who, for whatever reason, find themselves falling short of requirements laid out in the FORS Standard.” He said, adding, “We will, of course, work with those members to help them address areas where improvements must be made. Our new compliance and enforcement guide will certainly assist.”

“FORS is a national body,” said Hix, “and we believe there should be one standard, the FORS Standard, for any transport operator, regardless of their fleet make-up.”

FORS John Hix

Image: John Hix, FORS Director

Report by Rachel Pearson – Major Accounts Manager at Fuel Card Services

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