Fleet managers wasting money on automation

12th September 2016

Venson Automotive Solutions reveals that over half (57%) of people phoning an automated customer service line wait on average for between 10 to 15 minutes before the call is answered. Nearly 10% said they spend over 25 minutes in an automated queuing system, according to a new survey from the company. Venson believes that direct access to an accountable customer service team is crucial for busy fleet managers and drivers, and says that call centres, voicemail and sitting in queues is unacceptable for any business focused on productivity and profitability.

In addition, Venson urges businesses to ask, “When did we last see the account manager of our fleet management supplier?” If a fleet manager hasn’t spoken to the account manager within the last six months, it could be time to call into question the supplier and look around for an alternative provider with a more hands-on approach.

“Our survey shows that automated phone systems leave over half of customers in a queue for up to 15 minutes,” explains Simon Staton, Client Management Director for Venson Automotive Solutions.“In the fleet sector, this can be as a result of suppliers becoming too big to offer a more personalised and hands on approach to account management.

“A smaller fleet management provider can often remove needless delays from automated systems, as they are better placed to provide fast, direct access to managers and senior staff. By choosing an independent provider, businesses can also be sure that the service is driven by their needs, rather than the demands of a manufacturer or finance house.

“Of course, technology, such as dashboards, Apps and portals all play a vital role in effective fleet management, however, accountability is vital in a successful fleet management relationship. Venson believes that customers should expect management support that will take ownership of issues from the outset through to resolution, which includes regular contact for the fleet manager and the drivers, with their account manager.

“We provide direct access to dedicated client teams, ensuring our clients have the support they want, when they need it most.We’re pleased to say that over 98% of all calls received by our account management team are answered within 10 seconds.By harnessing our specialist technical capabilities and focusing on traditional customer care we’re able to create unique solutions for a wide range of businesses.”

At Fuel Card Services all of our customers have designated account managers, removing the issues that come with automation. To find out more about how we can help your business click here.