Fleet drivers need to be aware of animals on the roads

27th July 2016

Fleet drivers need to be aware of animals on the roads (image credit: iStock/Credit Marjan_Apostolovic)

Fleet drivers need to be extremely vigilant where animals are concerned while they are on the roads. This is not only to help prevent a potential tragedy from occurring, but also because of the damage that they may cause to vehicles.

New research carried out by Saga Car Insurance led to the discovery that animals including cows, pheasants and crows caused around £500,000 worth of damage to vehicles in the UK over the last 12 months, according to a survey of drivers aged 50 and above.

The insurance company set out to explore some of the most bizarre animal-related incidents that had affected cars and vans in Britain last year, with mishaps including a herd of cows licking the paintwork off one vehicle, causing £6,000 worth of damage.

What's more, a runaway horse inflicted £1,200 of damage on another vehicle and a risk-taking pheasant flying in between two vehicles knocked a wing mirror off with its own wing, resulting in repair work costing £250.

Sue Green, head of Saga Car Insurance, commented: "It seems animal antics can affect motorists at any time, even when we are doing the most routine things. These customers seem to have taken it all in their stride and have been able to see the funny side of how unpredictable the animal kingdom can be."

Although some of the instances of damage were caused while vehicles were parked up, others were inflicted when they were being driven, highlighting the importance of being extra vigilant for both animals on the roads and for large birds such as pheasants in the skies while driving.

It's also important for fleet drivers to make sure they are parking up away from fields full of farm animals where possible to prevent damage to their vehicles.