Five of the best new company cars from Geneva Motor Show 2018

12th March 2018

Audi A6

The Geneva Motor Show – easily the biggest event in the automotive calendar – is now open, providing the fascinating annual insight into which cars we could be driving in the next couple of years.

It’s easy to be seduced by the extravagant supercars and extreme eye-piercing concepts on display here, but there are also a lot of new cars unveiled in the Swiss city that would – and perhaps should – slot into your organisation’s fleet of company cars.

Here, we’re running down our favourite company cruisers of tomorrow…

Audi A6

The fifth-generation A6 will give senior level company car drivers another German cruiser to consider when it takes on the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class this June.

Design-wise, the A6’s look was clearly inspired by the larger A8 with reduced overhangs and a lower stance incorporated to achieve a more athletic-looking car. You can’t ignore that massive hexagonal grille either; a trademark feature of barge-esque Audis.

Engine range will comprise a 201bhp two-litre four-cylinder diesel, a pair of three-litre V6 diesels producing 228bhp and 286bhp respectively, and a 335bhp three-litre V6 petrol, all linked to automatic gearboxes.

The new A6 will be the first executive car to offer mild-hybrid technology across its entire engine range. This means it can ‘coast’ between 35-100mph, deactivating the engine when the driver eases off the accelerator.

No prices have been confirmed yet, but you’ll be able to order one this summer.

Volvo V60

The second-gen XC90 from 2015 was a landmark moment for Volvo. This Range Rover Sport rival introduced a fresh platform, new engines and a raft of innovative technology and all of this has been poured into the new V60.

As such, the latest Volvo estate will sit on the same Scalable Platform Architecture that underpins the V90 estate and XC60 SUV. It’ll also be offered with the same petrol and diesel four-cylinder engines.

A saloon version – the S60 – is sure to follow not too long after the V60’s launch.

Mercedes A-Class

What we know about the fourth-gen A-Class suggests the high-end hatchback will continue to fiercely battle it out with the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

Priced from £25,800, you can order a new A-Class today with deliveries set to begin in May.

From the road, the look of the A-Class hasn’t changed much, but inside, you’ll find a ground-breaking design that features free-standing instrument panels, turbine-style air vents, and ambient lighting highlighting separate sections of the dashboard.

Currently, the 116bhp 1.5-litre diesel, badged A 180d, is the most efficient engine option, promising 68.9mpg while hitting 62mph in 10.5 seconds. Buyers will have two petrol engines to choose from too.

Kia Ceed

Not the most glamourous car in this list, but Kia has been quietly beavering away at creating a line-up of fleet-friendly vehicles that strikes the right balance of style, practicality and price.

The Golf-rivalling Ceed is where the South Korean brand has to demonstrate all its company car know-how and they’ve served up a doozie here.

Sharper and sleeker looking than ever before, the third-gen Ceed is longer and wider than the car it replaces. The interior is notably higher quality too with the top half of the dashboard housing a touchscreen, while the controls for the stereo and ventilation sit beneath.

Engine-wise, the new Ceed will be available with a revised 118bhp turbocharge single-litre petrol, while a new 1.4-litre diesel with 138bhp replaces the old 1.6 oilburner.

Expect to see it in Kia showrooms from this summer.

Peugeot 508

The original 508 had a hard time coaxing buyers away from old favourites like the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia, but Peugeot has applied a bold new look to transform its D-segment cruiser into a slick five-door fastback.

If you see one in the metal any time soon, head round to the back because the rear is unlike any other Peugeot before it.

Peugeot has clearly tried to make the 508 stand out this time and going off what we’ve seen from Geneva, it stands a good chance.