Find out the true cost of fleet (in)efficiency. – Fleet Matters 10

27th June 2018






No-one said running a fleet would be easy, so let’s take a look at the top 10 concerns on your check-list…

  1. Some drivers aren’t taking the best route to work. Fuel and time going to waste?
  2. Fuel bills rising, but prices haven’t changed. Are staff taking more personal trips?
  3. Timesheets have increased too. A little rounding-up going on?
  4. Job start/stop times are all over the place. Missing billable hours?
  5. Must check the maintenance logs. Where are those logs?
  6. Some drivers are hammering their vehicles more than others. Have a word about wear and tear.
  7. Are some of our vehicles more than we require?
  8. Why am I still writing lists for processes? What can be automated?
  9. Too much admin to do. Need help.
  10. How to better track, budget and forecast fuel costs?

Then you remember these 10 points are covered in the latest issue of Fleet Matters.

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