FIA picks up on Think Bikes campaign

Written by Ellie

Global automotive organisation the FIA has stated it will help to increase awareness of cyclist and bike rider safety around the world by spreading the message of the AA's Think Bikes campaign.

Having won the prestigious ACFO Fleet Safety Initiative of the Year award in 2014 and been seen more than two million times by online viewers, the AA's campaign centres around a naked cyclist and aims to make the point that people should always be on the lookout for the unexpected.

Edmund King, director of the AA Charitable Trust, said: "We are so proud of how well received the campaign has been in its first year and are delighted by this latest development.

"The original idea for the campaign came from one of our patrols, following the death of a family friend on a motorbike, and its goal has always been to reach the greatest number possible to improve the safety of cyclists and bikers."

It was the brainchild of AA patrol officer Tony Rich and encourages drivers to take a second look for riders every time they carry out a manoeuvre.

FIA director general Jacob Bangsgaard stated: "The AA's Think Bikes campaign was a playful but also important reminder that drivers must keep vulnerable road users in mind."

Up to one-third of all traffic in urban environments can be made up of vulnerable road users, including people on bikes, motorcycles or scooters. It is therefore essential for all motorists to have their wits about them and be on the lookout for these groups at all times.

Mr Bangsgaard added that, as a result, the body will now look to spread this message further and will be promoting the campaign through its network of more than 100 FIA motoring clubs, spanning Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the rest of the world.

Posted on 30th January 2015

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