Eye tests ‘essential for professional drivers’

Written by Ellie

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has drawn on research by road safety charity Brake that shows that one in four drivers across the UK have not had their vision checked in more than the last two years.

Moreover, a shocking four per cent of road users stated they have never had an eye test – the equivalent of 1.5 million drivers.

As a result, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett is calling upon fleet managers across the country to ensure they are encouraging their drivers to have their vision regularly examined and to put in place measures to monitor this practice.

Mr Burnett commented: "The link between eye health and road safety is very important. If a driver cannot see where they are going there is a higher risk of accident."

Meanwhile, Vision Express chief executive officer Jonathan Lawson added: "With 50 per cent of sight loss preventable, at Vision Express we're calling on drivers to have an eye test and protect their vision, and their licence, for life.

"It's worrying that for most of us, the only mandatory vision check is when we read a registration plate from 20 metres as part of our driving test."

Both bodies will now be working together to promote the message that a lack of understanding around the need for regular eye examinations places countless travellers at risk every year. This is especially important for heavy goods vehicles operators due to the potential for damage that these vehicles pose.


Posted on 30th November 2015

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