Extra lanes ‘helping M6 drivers save time’

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

M6 extra lanes

Motorway users have benefited greatly following the largest ever upgrade to the M6 in the north-west of England.

This is the view of Highways England, as the body claims there has been a 15 mph increase in average speeds for travellers since work was completed in Cheshire earlier this year.


A positive impact for travellers


The project to transform the M6 between Crewe and Knutsford cost £255 million, with a fourth lane introduced for road users during busy times.

According to Highways England, the average commuter is now able to save around 40 minutes in travel time each week due to smoother journeys and less congestion.

At the same time, the route has witnessed a 25 per cent reduction in collisions in areas where ‘all-lane-running motorways’ are now in operation.

Mike Bull, smart motorways senior manager in the north-west for Highways England, commented: “Tens of thousands of drivers use the M6 every day to travel to and from work and this latest research shows that the extra lanes and new technology we’ve introduced are making a massive difference to people’s journeys.”

He added the project may have taken several years to complete, but the beneficial impact of the switch to smart motorways is now paying off. In addition, the upgrades are helping to improve the outlook for both the local and regional economy.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Smart motorways are helping traffic to flow more smoothly across the country. Work is underway on sites across England at present, with upgrades to the transport network expected to bear fruit for all drivers in the years to come.”