Exchanging Places for drivers and cyclists

23rd November 2015

As part of this year's nationwide Road Safety Week campaign from charity Brake, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) will be helping professional drivers and cyclists to better understand each other.

The FTA will be working alongside Brake and the Metropolitan Police on Monday (November 23rd) at Horse Guards Parade in London, where the FTA's Exchanging Places event will invite cyclists to see the road from the driver's seat of a typical heavy goods vehicle.

Giving greater insight to all road users on the difficulties in traversing routes in such large vehicles is an important part of this year's Road Safety Week message of 'Drive less, Live more'.

Brake campaigns assistant Greg Marah commented: "Road Safety Week has become the most crucial fixture in our calendar for raising public awareness of road safety, and it has also become important for many educators, road safety professionals and employers around the country too, as they spread the word of road safety to the wider community.

"We believe this year's theme is a critical one for all of us, providing a chance to show how road safety is a bigger issue than many people think."

FTA head of national and regional policy Christopher Snelling added that the main thing to remember is that all road users need to be able to share the roads safely, but in order to achieve this, people need to have empathy for the situation of their fellow travellers.