Evolving role of the company car

Written by Ellie

Businesses up and down the country continue to offer a wide selection of vehicles for use by their staff through company car policies, but with the changing economic environment so too is the role of fleet services in modern business settings.

This is the conclusion of the latest Lex Autolease Report on Motoring, which has revealed more than one-third of fleet managers have recorded an increase in the number of cars and light commercial vehicles on their books in the last year.

The report showed that employers are providing increasing flexibility to their workforce in the way they use their corporate vehicles, with more firms opening up car use for non-work-related journeys.

At the same time, the desirability of company cars as an employee perk continues to remain strong, with 45 per cent of existing fleet users stating that having a company car is seen as a sign of achievement.

Furthermore, just 11 per cent of company car users said they would prefer a cash bonus in place of fleet services.

In addition, 59 per cent of respondents said that access to a company car is "absolutely essential" to their job, while 72 per cent added that the choice of car on offer would be an important factor should they consider moving to another company.

Levels of employment across the UK have continued to increase during the course of the last 12 months and therefore businesses should be fully aware of the lasting economic recovery and the impact this is having on consumer appetites, with tastes in company cars reflecting this change.

Posted on 11th December 2015

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