Election: what it means for fleets

Written by Ellie

Fuel Card Services has advised fleet managers not to expect too much from the newly elected Conservative government. They should not anticipate any reduction in either fuel duty or road tax.


Group marketing manager, Steve Clarke, said: “David Cameron’s outright majority in the Commons means relatively stable government for at least the first couple of years, but the EU referendum is going to be a major distraction from everyday business. Meanwhile, the deficit still has to be tackled and George Osborne will have little room for manoeuvre, especially given all the pre-poll tax and spending commitments. Much as the economy would certainly benefit from financial help for commercial road users, expecting anything significant would represent unrealistic optimism.”


David_Cameron_officialThe election took place in an environment that was equally unhelpful for fleet managers, whether they were running HGVs, PCVs, cars or anything else. On polling day itself, oil prices were showing a 50% price increase since the beginning of the year.


“Fleets of all sizes and types can expect tough times for the foreseeable future,” said Steve Clarke, “so we all have to hope that the promised light at the end of the tunnel does not turn out to be an oncoming train.”


Steve Clarke, working in the sector for many years, is perfectly positioned to comment. Fuel Card Services works with thousands of fleets every day to reduce their fuel costs with a comprehensive range of fuel cards accepted on virtually every UK forecourt. It also helps with fleet management with services across a spectrum that ranges from sustainability strategy and emissions monitoring to whole-life vehicle costs and duty-of-care liability management.


Posted on 8th May 2015

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