Drivers warned of danger to life in lengthy storms

24th June 2019

Driving in heavy rain

Drivers across the UK have been urged to take extra care on the roads in the early part of this week as the country is battered by extensive storms and torrential downpours.

The Met Office has said up to a month’s rain could fall in some places, with ‘danger to life’ warnings in place for almost all of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Severe weather warnings

Meteorologists have said parts of England could expect 50mm of rain in just a day today (24th June 2019), while some regions of Scotland may see a staggering 100mm.

The Met Office has placed a yellow weather warning on its website, saying: “Thunderstorms may develop, bringing torrential rain and lightning, with possible flooding and disruption to travel.”

This is in place until midnight tonight, with a risk of lightning strikes and gale-force winds. It means large swathes of the country could face travel chaos, with driving conditions likely to be treacherous.

Indeed, commuters and fleet owners may face extensive spray on the roads and there is a warning that hail could result in rapidly-changing, dangerous conditions for vehicles.

The Met Office has stressed that highways may be clear one minute and then covered by a downpour the next, meaning regular road users could need to alter their journey plans.

The weather warnings are in place all day today and part of tomorrow (June 25th 2019), when the yellow warning will move further south to leave Scotland and Northern Ireland clear.

However, some of England and Wales will still be at risk of heavy showers and flooding.

After this, the Met Office has forecast a heatwave in which Britain will be hotter than Egypt and Thailand as the continent also swelters in record-breaking temperatures.

Earlier this month, the Institute of Advanced Motorists published tips on driving in wet weather that may still be useful this week, including advice on aquaplaning.

It may be that the organisation needs to draft up some tips on driving in heatwaves too, given June’s changeability this year.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Britain is famous for its inclement weather and we love to make a joke about it. But this week’s storms are sure to be no laughing matter, so we would urge everyone to check the weather forecast in their area before they travel over the next few days.”