Driverless vehicles ‘soon to be a reality in UK’

Written by Ellie

The government has announced a range of new measures that will help to make driverless cars legally taking to the roads across the length and breadth of the UK a reality in the near future.

A new 'code of practice for testing' has been drafted by the Department for Transport in partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and will help manufacturers and those organising the testing of these technologies to ensure the safety of both the public and researchers by providing clear guidelines and recommendations that will hopefully pave the way for the long-term introduction of these vehicles in the years ahead.

It is a non-statutory code of practice that has been developed to promote responsible testing.

The move complements the unveiling of a new £20 million competitive fund for collaborative research and development into driverless vehicles that will aim to ensure the UK stands at the forefront of driverless technology.

Transport minister Andrew Jones said: "Driverless cars will bring great benefits to our society and economy and I want the UK to lead the way in developing this exciting technology.

"Our code of practice clearly shows that the UK is in the best position when it comes to testing driverless cars and embracing the motoring of the future. We now look forward to working with industry to make this a reality."

The intelligent mobility market has been forecast to become a major part of the transport sector in the coming years, with the government predicting the global industry will be worth at least £900 billion by 2025.

Ensuring the UK is leading the way in terms of intellectual property research and innovative design in this area will therefore benefit the nation as a whole in terms of a widespread improvement in road safety, as well as delivering a lasting economic boost.

Posted on 20th July 2015

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