Driver shortage fears compounded in new poll

Written by Ellie

A new poll carried out by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has highlighted the significant issues that continue to exacerbate the UK's ongoing shortage of professional drivers.

According to a Twitter poll carried out by the organisation this month, 71 per cent of current professional drivers in the UK stated they would not recommend the profession to their children, with a number of serious issues highlighted for those currently working in the field.

The biggest complaints by current drivers included low wages, inadequate roadside facilities for rest stops and a poor public perception of the job.

It marks an ongoing problem that continues to hinder the UK logistics and haulage sectors, with too few professional drivers to meet the demand for deliveries that are needed up and down the country.

Responding to the research, FTA skills development policy manager Sally Gilson commented: "Sadly this poll is a reflection of the public view of the industry.

"We have been campaigning for better roadside facilities for drivers – it's just not acceptable that they can't take their breaks in designated areas with toilets and wash rooms."

Ms Gilson added that this issue remains one of the biggest hindrances to attracting more females into the profession, with just one per cent of all professionals in the UK being women.

The FTA's research follows the publication of a new report from the Commons Transport Committee, which stated that current government and industry measures to attract more new entrants into the field of professional driving are inadequate to address the ongoing driver crisis.

Posted on 4th August 2016

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