Driver safety: your responsibility or theirs? – Fleet Matters 09

25th October 2017

Managing a fleet of drivers comes with a fleet of responsibilities. It’s your responsibility to select and maintain vehicles to keep deliveries and distributions on schedule and within budget. It’s your responsibility to manage vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, fuel management… The list goes on.

But surely, it’s the drivers’ responsibility to look after themselves out there on the roads? Yes and no.

Your drivers are responsible for their safety when driving, but you have a very real responsibility regarding care for them. As soon as they start up a company vehicle on company time, for company business, you have a “Duty of Care” over each driver to ensure they act responsibly and within the law.

But how can you care for your drivers when they’re miles away? By ensuring they know what’s expected of them.

It’s your Duty of Care to ensure your drivers know the rules, and have agreed to abide by them. The law doesn’t take kindly to ignorance – theirs or yours, and you need to make your drivers aware of what to expect if they break it.

Fleet Matters

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