Double podium delight for Fairbrother at Silverstone

Written by Ellie

David Fairbrother cemented his challenge for third place in the ProAm2 standings with a double Porsche Carrera Cup GB podium at Silverstone.

Having qualified well to line up in second place on the ProAm2 grid David was well placed to go for the podium. Team mate Ross Wylie secured two eleventh place grid slots for the two 27 lap races but was disappointed with the qualifying pace. The damp Sunday morning conditions however mixed up the order in race one, with the grip levels changing every lap.

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Wet weather tyres were an option but the team decided to go with the rest of the grid and stay on the slick Michelin tyres. With everyone in the same situation the drivers did well to avoid any major incidents and Ross was able to bring the car home just outside the top ten. David meanwhile fought with title rivals Peter Kyle-Henney and Shamus Jennings to finish third and take a podium.

Race 2 got underway in much better conditions on a dry track with both drivers feeling more confident in the car underneath them. Ross raced well to cross the finish line in a points paying position in ninth whilst David once again finished third in ProAm2 allowing him to close on third place championship target Iain Dockerill.

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“In free practice we had a few little issues,” said David. “We always start slow but then we build up and learn. We got to qualifying and put in a time that was good enough for second on the grid. I’m kicking myself, in the first race I was at the top of pitlane after the aborted start and I nearly came in and put the wets on. I just thought to myself don’t be a pussy, go out on the slicks, nobody else has gone in for wets, and if I’d gone in for wets we know what would have happened. I’ve done a 59 second lap around here on wets and I was doing a 1:07 on slicks, eight seconds a lap slower. I could have gone from zero to hero but that’s racing.

“That said, he races went well and we got two third places, so its given us some good points. I really want to get third place in the championship and I think that would be a good first year in the Carrera Cup.”

“Qualifying was close but we weren’t quite as quick as we should have been,” said Ross. “We’re starting around the tenth position mark and that’s were the trouble is, it’s hard to make progress from there. Qualifying is where we need to work harder.

“It was a missed opportunity in race 1 with the weather. I wanted to go onto the wets and everyone wanted to stay on slicks. Quite clearly wets was the way to go so I was a bit disappointed after that. In race two our pace was better but I think we’ve still got some improvements to make but at least we got a run this time.”

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“Difficult conditions make a difficult weekend but it is the same for everybody,” added team principal Mark Jenkins. “Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we are still learning the cars and learning the tyres, and we are improving all the time. All of this was only ever preparation for buying a new car for the 2018 season and the fact that we are getting podiums is good. We were more than 80% certain to go on wets for race one and, if I’d had as much tyre knowledge as I have with other cars we have run, then we would have done something differently but I went with the masses. That is the first, and the last time we’ll do that. If we had gone on the wets we would have done well but you live in learn. Onwards and upwards.”

Members of staff from FCS were also in attendance at Silverstone and all are reported to have had a great time.

Posted on 20th September 2017

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