Don’t get dazzled on the drive home

8th December 2016

Don't get dazzled on the drive home (image credit: iStock/Copyright:Mr_Twister)

With the early evening sunset a feature of the winter and spring, motorists across the UK are being encouraged to ensure they are staying as safe as possible when driving at this time.

Millions of travellers take to the roads each evening and this can be one of the worst times for visibility as the sun is either extremely low on the horizon or already set.

It means motorists need to take action to protect their vision from the glare of both low winter sun and the dazzling headlights of other drivers and IAM RoadSmart has offered some helpful tips.

Indeed, IAM head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman stated: "Low winter sun may not deliver a useful tan but a clear view of the road ahead is vital if you are going to get through the winter safely."

The organisation therefore suggests:

  • Keep the windscreen clean (both inside and out) as dirt or grime can increase glare
  • Replace worn wiper blades and keep the washer bottle topped up (to help with the above)
  • Invest in a pair of polarised sunglasses and always keep them in the car
  • Keep a cloth or chamois at hand to quickly wipe away condensation on the inside of the windscreen during the colder months
  • Slow down and leave extra space to other road users when low sun is an issue

Natalie Brinkley, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "Glare from the sun and being dazzled by headlights can be some of the most dangerous hazards that drivers face when travelling, as an inability to see clearly can mean the difference between reacting to what is happening up ahead on the road, or not."