Don’t be tempted to catch Pokemon on the go!

Written by Ellie

With the Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation right now, the professionals at IAM RoadSmart have offered a reminder to all drivers that travelling in a car is not the time to be attempting to 'catch 'em all'.

IAM RoadSmart digital content executive Samson Ruwangu said: "Kids and adults alike are going crazy for this game.

"But the risk is that some people are going to be playing it at the wrong time – and driving a car is the last place you should be looking for Pidgey, Rattata or the others."

Released this month, the game has been hotly-anticipated, with the software using augmented reality to superimpose Pokemon into people's everyday surroundings.

The joy of the game is to immerse oneself in this blurring of reality, but this can pose a problem for people that should be otherwise paying attention to what they are doing.

Driving is not the time to be playing games and it certainly isn't the time to be focused on a handheld device that creates enormous distraction and could potentially lead to very serious accidents if motorists are not extremely careful.

IAM RoadSmart has therefore advised that Pokemon Go be kept solely for pursuits outside the vehicle and when individuals do get behind the wheel, then thoughts of catching that elusive Pikachu must be put firmly on hold.

Posted on 18th July 2016

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