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Our fuel cards provide efficient refuelling nationally and leading fleet management services. Part of DCC Energy (9,200 staff) working with leading transport fuels and fuel and heating oil brands.

  • Our specialist brands
    We know the fuel business. As specialists and experts, we've been earning the trust of our customers and our partners in the fuel industry, BP, Shell, Texaco & Esso for decades.
    You'll recognise some of our brands: click here to see a full overview.
  • Sustainability
    Fuel Card Services takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously and has embarked on a "Green Journey" to ensure that all its products and services are of the highest quality and sustainable and to reduce its impact on the environment.
    We are using our expertise to help other organisations set out on the road of their own "Green Journey" as well.
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  • Crown Commercial Service supplier
    Fuel Card Services is very proud to be a trusted suppler to the public sector in the UK, under the CC framework agreement - RM1027 - Fuel Cards and Associated Services, providing fuel card and fleet management solutions helping fleet managers in the public services, control and cut their fleet running costs.
  • Fleet matters
    A regular fact file for fleet managers, which covers best practice in fleet management.
    Download the issues for free here.
  • Next-generation fleet management
    Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions is simple for any size or type of fleet, with the service that helps fleet managers to count, control and cut: CO2Count.
    • Keeping track of private and business mileages is just the start with the multi-level service that puts comprehensive fleet management on the desktop: MileageCount.
    • Other ground breaking services such as Card Protect, giving our customers complete peace of mind.
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