Clean Air Zones ‘not a perfect solution’

29th April 2016

Clean Air Zones 'not a perfect solution' (image credit: iStock/Petmal)

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has added its support to claims that the government's Clean Air Zones (CAZs) initiative does not present a "perfect solution" to the nation's air pollution problems.

Following the publication of a new report by the House of Commons' Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, the body has welcomed new evidence that a more tailored and local approach to these issues could be more beneficial to the nation as a whole.

It argued that to place the burden of addressing this serious issue solely on commercial vehicles, buses and taxi operators fails to take into the account the strong differences in causes that are seen in disparate parts of the UK.

As a result, the report concluded that a potential rethink of these plans should now be considered by government officials.

FTA head of national and regional policy Christopher Snelling stated: "We are glad the Committee noted FTA's concerns on page 12 of its report that CAZs are a blunt tool.

"Local air quality problems are just that – local. They differ in geographical extent and sources of pollution, and they will differ in terms of best solutions."

He added that other options, including local traffic management, could be better suited in some cases, with these regional differences meaning that a blanket strategy for limiting heavy goods vehicle usage does not effectively address all aspects of this complex issue.