Christmas deliveries ‘could face disruption’

18th December 2015

Christmas deliveries 'could face disruption'

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has highlighted a potential disruption in deliveries across the UK this weekend as a result of Friday (December 18th) and the following days expected to be the busiest for people heading away for the holidays.

In total, the FTA estimates that 14 million vehicles will be taking to the nation's roads today alone – meaning that major routes across the country will be chock-full of traffic.

As a result, the organisation believes many freight providers may struggle to meet delivery deadlines and this could have a significant impact both on local businesses and the industry itself.

FTA head of road network policy Malcolm Bingham commented: "It costs £1 a minute for a 44-tonne HGV to stand still in traffic and there is also the knock-on effect when contracts can't be delivered on time and deadlines are missed.

"All of this piles addition financial pressure on operators who work on very tight profit margins."

He therefore concluded that while delays for members of the public can be a frustration; for the nation's logistics providers and companies, the festive traffic can pose a significant financial threat.

Beginning on December 23rd, more than 400 miles of roads are therefore being cleared of potential hold-ups through ongoing maintenance work, as Highways England has confirmed it will be either completing or placing on hold 98 per cent of current transport projects on the nation's major routes.

This break will help to reduce levels of congestion over the festive period, with work set to re-commence at sites from January 2nd.