Check tyre pressures often to improve safety

Written by Ellie

GEM Motoring Assist has offered a further recommendation for UK motorists as part of October's Tyre Safety Month, this time highlighting the importance of proper tyre inflation.

Drivers should consult the handbook of their vehicle regularly to ensure they are fully aware of the proper levels of inflation for their tyres, as failure to do so can impact both their safety on the roads and also their fuel efficiency.

Under-inflated tyres will reduce the ability of the tyre to grip the road correctly, with the result that handling can be compromised and the vehicle can act unpredictably under braking.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, over-inflation will reduce the amount of the tyre's surface that can be in contact with the road at any given time.

It means there will be far more wear across the centre of the tyre than would be normal. This too can affect handling, but also increases the risk of a tyre suffering a blowout at high speeds.

"We suggest a check at least every month, as well as before any long journey," commented GEM road safety officer Neil Worth.

"By doing so, you'll be giving all the safety systems on your vehicle the best chance of working to their maximum potential, you'll help ensure your tyres last longer and you'll be ensuring your running costs don't increase unnecessarily."

Posted on 18th October 2016

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