Celebrating World Mental Health Day with Fuel Card Services

22nd October 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019 took place on October 10th. It was a chance to reflect on the importance of supporting proper mental health well being for all of us.

At Fuel Card Services, we take this issue seriously. Therefore this year’s event saw all of our offices working hard to promote a better understanding of the importance of mental health, and how we as a business can do more to support our staff.

Why is mental health so important?

According to the mental health charity Mind, one in four people in the UK will suffer some form of mental health illness in their lifetime. This is a shocking statistic, and highlights the massive impact that these issues can have on both people and businesses.

Taking care of yourself and others should therefore be a top priority for all organisations. Meaning the well-being of staff can be closely linked to levels of productivity, absenteeism and generally creating a more positive, supportive and pleasant working environment all around.

How did we celebrate this important day?

Across our multiple offices, Fuel Card Services’ staff took part in a range of activities designed to promote greater mental well-being, and to start people thinking about mental health awareness.

Our Wantage office in Oxford saw everyone get together for a long pub lunch. It was an opportunity for staff to unwind and socialise during the working day. As well as to reflect on the importance of developing positive working relationships.

The lively atmosphere created a nice mood at work once we returned to the office – it’s definitely something that raises morale and we’ll be aiming to do more often!

Elsewhere, our Kent office went with the theme of ‘health is wealth’. We saw our very own training and development manager, Rob Welling lead a group mindfulness/meditation session with the office, which went down a treat!

Rob brought in a Tibetan singing bowl, which surrounded the room with a resonating sound. Whilst encouraging the reps to visualise various different scenarios and take a moment to focus on their own mental health.

In Leeds, pizza and nibbles were the order of the day and it was another opportunity for staff to unwind and speak to people they might otherwise not have need to interact with as part of their role.

Overall, the impact of World Mental Health Day 2019 has been to help bring together our teams to be more supportive of each other. While highlighting how a little mindfulness can go a long way to creating a happier, healthier workplace.

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