Can your fleet be future-proof? – Fleet Matters 10

18th July 2018

No-one said managing a fleet of commercial vehicles was going to be easy. That’s okay, you like a challenge. But no-one said it was going to get this complex, either.

Fuel management, safety, maintenance… standard stuff. But telematics, alternative fuels, new legislation, and Brexit? The rate of change in the fleet industry is accelerating. Many fleet managers are under pressure to keep up.

Much of this pressure is due to many fleets being reactive: managers make changes when they have to, and consequently feel they have no choice. The trick is to see what obstacles and corners are coming before you have to swerve around them, or suddenly change speed.

Some of these are visible, such as monthly fuel budgets and lease renewal dates. Some of these are less visible such as maintenance costs and annual fuel budgets, and some of these are impossible to see, like the effects of Brexit.

There’s no crystal ball to see into the future, but there are clear ways to prepare for it.


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