Brake unveils new road safety partnership

Written by Ellie

Road safety charity Brake has announced the launch of a new partnership that aims to support businesses in safety best practice for their fleets.

Working alongside fleet management company Arval, Brake has put together a series of workshops that will be held throughout 2017 and will outline the six core principles of enhancing fleet safety.

All those who book a place on these courses will receive further information regarding Brake's six Ss:

  • Slow – within speed limits
  • Sober – free from alcohol or drugs
  • Sharp – not tired, ill or with poor eyesight
  • Silent – phone off and out of reach
  • Secure – belted up in a safe vehicle
  • Sustainable – driving only when you have to

Tracey Fuller, customer engagement manager at Arval, commented: "The six core messages are simple yet extremely impactful and truly have the potential to reach the hearts and minds of all drivers in such a way that they understand how they can improve their safety whilst they drive."

This new initiative hopes to help to reduce the more than 100 serious injuries and fatalities that take place on roads across the UK each week involving at-work drivers.

Natalie Brinkley, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "Ensuring safety for drivers and members of the public is one of the most essential areas of fleet management. It therefore pays to have an understanding of safety best practice in order to limit this risk for all."

Posted on 19th December 2016

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